Hoses, wrapped articles and rollers

Wound construction parts, elastic rollers and hoses for all requirements

Rubber hoses with and without Inlays


Hoses for all requirements

Rubber hoses meet in many areas of industry and the industrial sector the most varied tasks.

There are very special tasks to be met to ensure an optimal use of these hoses.
Gummi Hansen has focused in the solution of these tasks for decades. Only the correct hose is always the cheapest solution. Even interruptions can be avoided thereby.

Use the expertise of an experienced and competent company for managing your special requirements.


Wound contruction components for technical applications

When it comes to products with unusual geometries, without high tool costs or difficult geometries, small quantities are functionally designed and manufactured by us as winding products and curved hoses in various shapes and designs for a variety of uses in industry and trade.

We solve specific technical problems for decades and let our knowledge incoporate in selecting suitable rubber mixtures, an individual shape, their intended purpose, confection species and functional forms of delivery.

Use our diverse expertise to implement your ideas into powerful products.

Wrap items with and without deposits:

Cylindrical and conical tube pieces, single and multilayer hose rings, pinch valves, seals, expansion joints, coupling sections, bag holder, packer, fold cuffs, funnel pieces and reducers with flanges, downpipes, collars, rubber bands, hose pump hoses


Elastic rollers for technical and graphic applications

Elastic roller covers, so that it runs smoothly. Our quality products rollers and roller covers meet precise, reliable and of course economically special functionality. So they are always the first choice for the most different fields of applications and branches . In a precise transport of fine papers and in the fine print industry as well as for the powerful grab of a squeeze roller in chemical plants.

We have been working successfully in this area since decades and we specialized in solving the most difficult tasks. We use our knowledge for selecting suitable rubber mixtures, the most appropriate production type and the correct functioning of finishing the surface.

Our rollers can be found in, among other things:
Printing industry, chemical industry, transportation, paint and varnish industry

Various rollers and elastic roller covers up to 400 mm diameter and 2500 mm Overall length:

  • pressure rollers
  • drive rollers
  • forme rollers
  • feed rollersInk transfer rollers
  • dampening rollers
  • Counterpressure rollers
  • cliché rollers
  • nipper rollers
  • transport rollers
  • and many others ...

For each quantity and item size the appropriate manufacturing engineering

Dimensionally accurate thin blank strips

The basis for wrapped products and roller covers are on the calander drawn thin tie blank strips. To enhance the products, they need textile inserts which are also rubber coated on the calender. These dimensionally accurate strips are wound up on various shaped mandrels and cores. All standard rubber compounds can be processed.

  • The basis are bindable mixtures
  • Dimensionally accurate calendered blank strips
  • All major rubber mixtures

Mandrels and cores

For the production of wrapped articles and curved hoses we use rotationally symmetric mandrels made of metal and aluminum with various geometries.

Cores for elastic roller covers can be organized by us or we use customer-supplied cores. Old existing cores can be renewed by us.

  • Mandrels with different geometries
  • Mandrels made of metal and aluminum
  • Full rollers or covers onto to-supplied cores

Wound execution

In winding processes solid, dimensionally accurate and good bindable blank stripes are wound on various shaped mandrels and cores. In that way also multilayer articles such as hose rings and hose pieces can be prepared from various rubber mixtures. To strengthen and fixing them, especially of curved hoses we use rubberized textile inserts.

  • Textil reinforcements for high demands
  • Multi-layer structure for different requirements
  • Hose pieces and hose rings

Reared execution

For thick-layered winding products, and especially for extruded roller covers we mostly pull unvulcanized extruded hose blanks onto the mandrels or cores. For small rollers with low requirements we also pull already vulcanized hoses onto prepared, metallic bare cores.

  • Extruded tubular blanks for thick-layered multi-layer winding articles
  • Vulcanized blanks as covers for rollers with low requirements

Vulcanization in autoclaves

The vulcanization of wrapped articles and roller covers we do in steam boilers/autoclaves. To let the individual layers flow togetherl, to produce a good bond to the core and to give the product its final structure, the articles are bandaged befor the vulcanization. Only through vulcanization, the individual layers are permanently bonded into a single unit.

  • Only through vulcanization, the individual layers are permanently bonded into a single unit
  • Bandaging avoids a flowing away of at thermal heating
  • Solid combinding with the prepared bare metal core

Efficiency by professional coordination of internal and external processes

Mechanical machining

Ready-made products of wrapped blanks. After vulcanization and after they are released from the supporting textil bandages, the vulcanized blanks are finished by turning, grinding, cutting or tapping. In addition to the mechanical machining, also complex components can be assembled by the connection with other parts.

  • Wrapped articles are produced manually
  • Turning, grinding, cutting, tapping
  • Confection of complex components

Machining of surfaces

All roller covers are manufactured with an oversize, so a mechanical processing of the surface is necessary in any case. For the later use the concentricity and the nature of the surface are of high importance. Fine-tuning for the transfer of colors and finishes and rough-tuning for a good entrainment effect.

  • Certain surface images can be produced
  • Corrugations, grooves and Swelling
  • Rough-tuning produces good entrainment effects

Product-specific tests

On the finished product, we make various product-specific tests. Concentricity and examination of surface quality of elastic roller coverings, pressure tests with curved hoses and pneumatic seals or controls, tightness, compressibility and deformation paths in compensator hose pieces.

  • Acceptance tests to custom protocol