Large-volume rubber profiles

Large-volume profiles as for example for water buildings


Large-volume extrusion articles for technical applications

Larve-volume profiles as for example for water buildings

For technical applications, develop, design and produce functionally designed gaskets made of rubber.

They are used in industry, commerce and community. We specialized in large profiles especially for water buildings and manufacture profiles, corner connections and reday to istall frames.

For decades, we are the specialists for the solution of technical tasks by profiles made of soft rubber. For many applications and various functions, we have the appropriate materials and manufacturing processes.


Extrusion technology

The production of rubber profiles is done in several steps. From the mixture formed by extrusion profiles are produced as already accurately profiled semis products. The rubber compound is plasticized in the extruder with the screw and profiled through the extrusion tool. Despite most different flow cross-sections, a uniform flow behavior and hence a straight outlet of the unvulcanized profile must be achieved.

  • Flowable and stable rubber mixtures
  • Extruder with a screw diameter of up to 120 mm and flow rates up to 40 kg / m


After profiling, rubber profiles are stretched lying vulcanized in steam boilers. This type of vulcanization is suitable for different cross-sections and especially for large-volume profiles. Do the profiles have to be installed for use with narrow radii without tension, they get the desired shape and position of the sealing lips already during the vulcanization by using corresponding templates and supporting profiles.

  • Stretched profiles up to 40 m length
  • Profile cross-sections up to 340 mm wide and 130 mm Height
  • Narrow radii by using template

Persistent connections

Done vulcanized profile strands, also with different cross sections, are permanently connected in electrically heated profiled tools while the pressing process. For that a suitably adapted rubber compound is injected under high pressure into the free chamber of the corner and hot vulcanized. According to drawings or specifications, we provide the products with holes, chamfers and notches.

  • Connecting already vulcanized profiles
  • Durable organic combindings also with different profile cross-sections
  • Holes, chamfers, notches